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5 Proven Key Statistics That Show the Importance of Responsive Web Design

5 Proven Key Statistics That Show the Importance of Responsive Web Design

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Are you thinking about building a brand new website or want to modernize the existing one?


Importance of Responsive Web Design

Hold on!


First, you need to check these eye-popping responsive web design statistics.


If you can, try to cast your memory back to 15 years ago.


People who started their online business at that time, they will know creating a website for your business was never an easy task. Even the process was neither affordable.

Of course, there were few good DIY website services but were with huge limitations because of the limited technology.


Now, it is possible though to set up a professional-looking website within a very short span of time but that’s not to say that the cost of these services has gotten any cheaper.


Importance of Responsive Web Design

Keeping all that in mind, here are some of the statistics in this post that you can’t afford to ignore when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. Or you are serious about either –


Setting up a new website for the first time. Or,

You want to redesign or get the existing website up to date.

Alright, let’s start with the statistics.


Responsive web design statistics


70% of consumers own and use mobile phones.

This number is only showing people using mobile devices around the world.

Alone in the USA, the percentage is 96% and in the UK, it is 95%.

According to some sources, by the year 2020, it is expected that there will be 6.1 billion mobile users around the world.

This fact is astounding, isn’t it so?

Well, this fact needs to be seen from a marketing perspective. And if you already have a website for whatever the reason, if that isn’t mobile-friendly, then this is the time, you need to take this part seriously.

Did you know that a measly 11.8% out of 100 websites are on the use of mobile responsive design?

So, now you can stop leaving your money on the table and let your business sank into the hole by making your website mobile-friendly.



60% of users say that they will never recommend a website that has a badly designed mobile site.

Importance of Responsive Web Design Service

Do you have a mobile-friendly website? That’s really great!

But, if your website looks bad or creating a bad user experience for your users, then you are in no better situation than the business owning a not mobile-friendly website.

Nowadays, it is all about providing ease of use for visitors. And you need to make sure your website is offering the same to your visitors.



72% of shoppers are more eager to shop from the website that is mobile friendly.

What do you have to say about this? Are you still not willing to make your eCommerce website mobile friendly?

You may have seen people preferring mobile devices while shopping online and the number of those people are more than 72%. The number increases if you count the people who prefer researching the products online before shopping for them.

You must know that this is the high time to think about this responsive web design services and get that done as soon as possible.



Search engines help driving 96% of mobile search traffic.

Responsive Web Design Services in kolkata

When it comes to search something out from mobile devices, there is no other dominant force than Google. In comparison with this search engine, Bing barely makes 1% and Yahoo makes 1.66%.



Responsive web design can help your business with improved search engine rankings by increasing organic traffic.

This is exactly what happened with Offspring. They were able to increase organic traffic by 25.59% after they opted for a mobile-friendly website redesigning.

So, don’t you think that this is the time to opt for a responsive web design service for your business?



Bonus point

More than 70% of small organization websites fail to show a clear call to action on the homepages or on the landing pages.

Importance of Responsive Web Design, Importance of Responsive Web Design

You are not supposed to expect your visitors to know the actions you want them to make.

So, it is always a wise decision to craft your website message and call to action in a proper way.



It’s a wrap!

It doesn’t matter whether you want to design a brand new website or just want to redesign the existing one, you can simply take some time to understand the statistics mentioned above.

Before you undertake your newly designed website project, understanding the statistics are important.

Best of luck.

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