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Transforming Lab Operations through Supply Chain Automation and Requisition Fulfillment

Posted at - Apr 16,2024 at 01:13 pm

Arobit Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Arobit faced challenges in managing its lab supply chain due to manual tasks, human errors, low visibility and transparency, poor customer service, and high operational costs. These issues led to inefficiencies in the requisition and fulfillment processes, impacting overall productivity and customer satisfaction.




To address these challenges, Arobit implemented a comprehensive strategy focusing on automation and optimization. This included enhancing inventory visibility, reorganizing the warehouse for efficient picking times, optimizing shipping and logistics, and automating routine tasks. The company integrated its systems with suppliers and vendors for seamless operations and set clear customer expectations. It also adopted advanced inventory management practices, selected suitable order picking strategies, treated shippers as essential partners, and prepared for customer service and returns.




The implementation of these solutions led to significant improvements in Arobit's lab supply chain. Automated product inspections with computer vision systems and deep learning technologies improved quality control processes, saving time and money. Condition monitoring through IoT devices provided real-time health status of equipment, enabling predictive maintenance to reduce downtime. Production analytics helped monitor equipment performance and analyze costs, while e-sourcing and automated evaluation streamlined vendor selection. Arobit also benefited from efficient procure-to-pay operations management and vendor management, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.


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