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Automating Parking Lot Management: Simplifying Spot Sharing in Your Company

Posted at - Apr 16,2024 at 01:31 pm

Arobit Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


A US-based company was facing significant challenges in managing its limited parking spaces. With more employees than parking spots, the company struggled with assigning spots fairly and efficiently. Seniority-based assignments and a first-come, first-serve approach both led to dissatisfaction and parking chaos among employees.




Arobit stepped in to develop a simple yet effective web app for company parking management and spot reservation. The app allowed employees to book parking spots in advance or cancel reservations if needed, ensuring efficient use of available spaces. Arobit's solution included features such as creating a Parking Lot in the app, defining available spots, inviting employees to reserve spots, and implementing a system for allocating spots with priority access. Additionally, the software introduced weekly reservation limits to ensure fair usage and was developed on the safe and scalable Google Cloud, eliminating the need for on-premises infrastructure.




The implementation of Arobit's automated parking lot system revolutionized the company's parking management. Employees could now book spots precisely when required, alleviating the stress and uncertainty of parking arrangements. The app's ability to allocate spots and implement reservation limits ensured that parking was distributed fairly among all employees. As the company grew and the parking lot expanded, the system adapted to the new needs, such as dividing parking spaces between departments. This resulted in a parking setup that reflected the company's values, promoting a culture of sharing while being fair and user-friendly. Overall, Arobit's solution effectively ended parking chaos, enhancing employee satisfaction and operational efficiency.


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