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Most Popular Web Development Frameworks

Most Popular Web Development Frameworks

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Customers not only require a website or an app, but they also look for the trends in web development and what their competitors are going for.


It is just not easy to satisfy them with some basic online presence anyway. Because revving up with advanced technological innovations are equally important.


Picking up the one of the Most Popular Web Development Frameworks often converts into a scary affair especially when the customer is unsure about its features or when you are unobtrusive about the functionalities that framework has.


Most Popular Web Development Frameworks


However, in such situations, suggesting one of the Most Popular Web Development Frameworks can be difficult even if you have knowledge about the same.


Well, to bring some ease on the process, here are some of the Most Popular Web Development Frameworks with cutting edge technology for you to choose from. Using these will help you saving time and of course money.


So, let’s find out about those frameworks.


Angular JS


Angular JS is known to be an open source JavaScript front end framework.There are some fascinating and enticinggains of using this framework. After using a couple of JavaScript MVC libraries with a generous experience for JQuery, there is a silver lining that attracts people towards it.


Earlier, the framework you have used was never easy to read because of unstructured JavaScript coding system.Everything was in place but was not easy to read.


Angular JS brings more sense to JavaScript applications because of added structure, templating, two way data binding process. For single apps, this framework can work wonder and all you have to do is to know the correct way of using the library.


Calculating up that Most Popular Web Development Frameworks use small code pieces that can easily integrate and present the dynamic apps.


The simple URL loading parameter that can be used multiple times within an application along with various other methods are now part of this framework.




Laravel easesPHP code since it was released and it has always taken the web world by storm. The latest version is 5.7.25 according to February, 2019 and this version was released in August 2017. It supports for the Model View Controller aka MVC and this makes it compatible along with many other built functions to select from the better expansion architecture.


Laravel offers a lot covering from handling packages to composer dependency tools. There are benefits too of choosing this framework.


You can acquire benefits if you are hiring the experienced developers for this framework.


React JS


React JS is known to be a powerful front end JavaScript framework. It provides a lot of value for the right audience and building this framework up is not an easy task to execute. But once you do, it is going to worth it.


Most Popular Web Development Frameworks


However, this framework is not a full blown network solution still has all the capabilities of JavaScript library. Reusing the existing codes and other virtual DOM makes this framework perform clear and provide an overall rich user experience.


Node JS


JavaScript is the cornerstone of client side scripting and form of the core start-up and established enterprises. Now, this framework has become a major tool for backend and also for the cross platform mobile app development.


In speed, scalability, support and learning curve, this framework wins. Hence, this is the main reason it is preferred undoubtedly by most of the start-ups.


This is an open source framework that helps executing JavaScript code outside of the browser. Even it also works equally well for the Minimal Viable Products aka MVPs.


Ruby on Rails


This framework comes with ready-made plugins and this means that the developers will not have to waste time on boiler-plate coding.


It encourages test driven and behaviour development along with the test suite that encourages various testing features that includes expectation syntax, mocking and test benchmarking. Testing this framework is real easy as you can test this using the simple assembling system.


Express Framework


This framework is known one of the durable and Most Popular Web Development Frameworks . It promises dynamic app development with a rooted API and an express web app development framework. It is also standardized as a server framework for Node JS.


So, from this above discussion, it can be stated that a decision about which one will be good for you depends on the systematic marketing research. If you have a great app idea, then you need one of these above mentioned frameworks to help you by bringing ease on the entire process.


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