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Healthcare It Solutions And Services

We are a healthcare IT provider rendering software consulting, development, support, and evolution services. Customers from all over the world rely on our secure and value-oriented medical IT solutions daily.

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Healthcare Customers We Serve

Digital startups in healthcare

Digital startups in healthcare

Established software product companies

Established software product companies

Hospitals, Clinics, and Diagnostic Solutions

Hospitals, Clinics, and Diagnostic Solutions

Medical device manufacturers

Medical device manufacturers

Healthcare NGOs

Healthcare NGOs

Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Distributors

Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Distributors

What Makes Us Your Preferred IT Partner for Healthcare

We consistently go the extra mile to provide top-notch, innovative, and business-focused healthcare solution development services.

Demonstrated Expertise in Healthcare

Expansive Reservoir of Skilled Engineers

Vendor-Neutral Strategy

Broad Spectrum of Expert Engineering

Latest Technologies with Robust Data Security

Enhanned performance compliance

Our Services For Healthcare IT Solutions

Arobit's Healthcare IT services offer comprehensive management of medical technology. This includes strategic planning for IT, software development, modernization efforts, and continuous support.

Why Choose Healthcare IT Services by Arobit

  • Comprehensive quality assessment before premier service, experienced in HIPAA, HITECH, FDA, MDR, IVDR, GDPR, NCPDP, ONC, and SAMHSA regulations.
  • Advanced security and quality management frameworks, specifically for medical device software, oversee more than 60 real-time systems, handling over 100 million daily sessions.
  • 13 years in software development and ensuring 80% of resources are reserved, backed by a proven track record of at least five years of domain expertise.
  • Arobit's solutions have been acclaimed as the top healthcare technology, backed by more than 200 years of collective experience and unmatched expertise.
  • Collaborated with globally recognized brands towards multiple Health-Tech IT projects and more than five hundred clients enthusiastically endorsed our outstanding service.

IT Solutions for Healthcare We Deliver

Arobit's Healthcare IT solutions are lauded by our clients for their user-friendly interface, exceptional performance, and seamless integration with medical devices and IT infrastructures.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM)

  • Tracking of patients' vitals via medical devices and wearables.
  • RPM data uploading to integrated healthcare IT systems.
  • Alerts on abnormal health parameters.

Tailored EHR systems

  • Secure and compliant PHI storage.
  • Convenient UX/UI and access from desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Advanced EHRs with blockchain-based records storage, AI features, chatbots, voice assistance, speech-to-text, and image recognition.
  • Integration with revenue cycle management software, HIE, patient portals, and more.

Effective management of chronic illnesses

  • Specialized functionality for managing specific chronic conditions.
  • Medication intake plans.
  • Telemedicine appointments.
  • Patient motivation features.
  • Vitals analytics and notifications on abnormal parameters.

Telehealth software solutions

  • Video appointments and chats.
  • Vitals tracking.
  • Automated billing due to integration with EHR.
  • Data analytics for patient vitals, outcomes, and employee performance.

ERP for Pharmaceutical companies

  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management
  • T3 historical data storage
  • Warehouse management
  • Sales orders and ecommerce

CRM for Pharma Sales

  • Lead management
  • Sales representative target tracker
  • Followup and call records
  • Sales predictions and outcome reports

Healthcare software for home use

  • Home visit scheduling, shift optimization.
  • Offline app features for remote locations.
  • Electronic visit verification and billing.
  • Records, care, and medication management.
  • Advanced functionality, including RPM, telemedicine, and home care data analytics.

Patient engagement software

  • Patient portals and apps for appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and more.
  • Health education apps for wellness, nutrition, health checkups, and chronic conditions.
  • Health data trackers.

Software solutions for healthcare administration

  • Healthcare CRM.
  • Hospital inventory management.
  • HR management.
  • Learning management.
  • Financial management.

Our Recent Case Studies For Healthcare

Discover our latest software solutions tailored specifically for our clients needs

Sales CRM for the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Comprehensive Solution

Arobit's software engineer team helped implement a revolutionized Sales CRM pharma wholesale by empowering 200+ reps to manage B2B orders efficiently through AI, enhancing revenue with tailored product suggestions and advanced analytics, setting a new standard in pharma sales and customer management.

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Implementing a MIS System for Enhanced Pharma Insights, Forecasting, and Integrated E-commerce

Arobit re-engineered the MIS system of one of the top pharma companies, elevating Pharma insights and forecasting by seamlessly integrating E-commerce. It harnesses the power of AI to deliver informed decisions through data-driven recommendations and real-time analytics, streamlining the entire warehouse operation and improving inventory management.

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Enhancing Private Clinic Operations with mini Hospital management system

Arobit supported a clinic in Melbourne with a Clinic Management System(CMS) that transformed operations at Melbourne clinic by automating processes, boosting patient care, and enhancing financial management, resulting in streamlined operations and improved healthcare outcomes.

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Arobit helped build a US Pharmacy Operation with a Custom OTC Billing System

Arobit developed a custom OTC billing system for a US pharmacy, addressing operational challenges with an intuitive interface, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring data security. The solution improved pharmacy operations and inventory, boosting the supply chain efficiency.

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Client Speak

Ayush Bagaria

Owner of Bagaria Food LLP

We have been working with Arobit since 2022 for a custom ERP Software for my flour mill. I wanted everything to be automated with the least manpower. Arobit understood the solution and they implemented everything.

So I am very grateful to Arobit for catering to my needs and developing the software as I required.

Purity Wanjiru

Director of People, Culture and Talent Management at Accurex

It has been a real pleasure working with Arobit. What I really like about Arobit is, they have a great attention to detail, they go out of their way to understand what our real problem is and also at the same time provide us with a solution for that matter.

Sanjay Guha

Founder and CEO of Acquist Asia

A proficient and driven young team excels in delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Meticulous in their work, they blend creativity with efficiency. Wishing them continued success and anticipating fruitful collaborations on multiple assignments with Acquist.

Sanjay Guha

Subhash Jha

Director of Legal Salah

Arobit truly stands out as an incredibly dynamic and client-focused web solution company. Their patient understanding of our vision and precise delivery in alignment with it have been invaluable. Sending the entire Arobit team my best wishes for continued success.

Subhash Jha

Why do You Need Healthcare Software?

From the initial concept to the final delivery, we take full ownership of the medical software development process, enabling you to fully leverage the power of innovative technology.

Enhanced Decision-Making Skills

Transitioning your existing legacy system to a modern infrastructure while maintaining its original code and architecture with minimal alterations.

Exceptional Patient Care

Transforming bulky monolithic applications into finely segmented, microservices-based solutions enhances the advantages of cloud-native infrastructure.

Streamlined Clinical Procedures

A perfect balance is achieved through significant architectural adjustments and supplementary enhancements, designed to maximize the advantages of cloud computing for your solution.

Meet Our Happy Clients

We don't simply say that we have a top-tier clientele, we mean it. Take a look at some of the top brands, social communities, and app stores, we have worked for.

Anthony pharmacy


Q1. I haven’t discovered the specific healthcare software product I wish to adopt within your listings. Is there a possibility you could assist me regardless?

We pride ourselves on the adaptability of our medical software development services, continuously broadening our offerings. Reach out to our specialists to discuss your specific needs, and we will promptly determine our ability to assist in their realization. Moreover, our experienced consultants are on hand to advise on the most effective strategy for adopting the software solution that best meets your requirements.

The development timeline for healthcare applications can greatly differ based on the number and nature of features, the technologies employed in its creation, and the platforms it needs to support. Reach out to us for an estimated development timeline for your envisioned app.

We offer three distinct pricing models to cater to a variety of project needs:

Fixed-price model: Ideal for quality assurance tasks of a fixed scope that cannot be segmented further.

Time and Materials model: Charges are based on the actual effort expended for ongoing testing throughout the software development or enhancement process.

Pay-per-hour model: Offers the utmost flexibility and efficiency tailored to your project requirements.

Given the complexity of accurately estimating costs, we initiate the process with a comprehensive audit of your business objectives, technical needs, and project scope. This allows us to provide a precise calculation of your software development expenses.

In essence, the cost of custom software development is influenced by several factors, including:

  • Project complexity (ranging from simple to complex)
  • Team location (whether on-site or outsourced)
  • Team composition
  • Project timeline urgency
  • Regulatory compliance requirements, if any
  • Custom UI/UX design specifications
  • Necessary integrations

Typically, prices vary from $10,000 to $100,000, depending on these various elements.

Please reach out to our sales team – it’s free.

If used as a medical device, obtaining FDA approval is mandatory. However, if the application serves non-medical purposes such as enhancing memory, automating processes, or other similar functions, FDA approval is likely not necessary.

Machine learning offers healthcare professionals data-driven clinical decision support (CDS), unlocking opportunities for increased revenue. As a subset of AI, machine learning delivers automated insights by identifying patterns through algorithms and data analysis, providing invaluable resources for healthcare providers.

AI-driven predictive healthcare networks can significantly decrease wait times, streamline staff workflows, and alleviate administrative tasks. With AI's growing role in surgery and diagnostics, clinical practitioners are becoming more confident in leveraging AI to augment their capabilities.