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IT Solutions for Logistics We Deliver

We develop a comprehensive ecosystem, encompassing IT systems, digitized operations, and automated workflows, tailored to your transportation requirements. This approach ensures maximum visibility, lowers operational expenses, and fosters business expansion.

Warehouse Logistics and Transportation Management

  • Stock control software
  • Labor and transport planning
  • Shipping management
  • 3PL management

Inventory Optimization Software

  • Inventory planning
  • Supply and material tracking
  • Audit and budget management
  • Integrations (online stores, 3PLs, EDI-requiring retailers)

Supply Chain Management System

  • Sourcing and supply management
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Monitoring and planning modules
  • Yard management

Custom ERP System

  • Delivery planning and control
  • Invoice and other document processing
  • Transportation and shipping tracking
  • Financial reporting

Fleet Management System

  • Vehicle load planning
  • Cargo status tracking
  • GPS integration
  • Preventive maintenance

Logistics Route Optimization

  • Real-time route constraints
  • Delivery route planning visualization
  • Delivery tracking
  • Dispatch management

Chatbots for Logistics

  • Order management and amendments
  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Payment processing
  • Claims management

Analytics and BI Systems

  • Demand forecasting solutions
  • Warehouse optimization
  • Business-driven insights
  • Preventive maintenance

Order Management Solutions

  • Intelligent order management
  • Time slot management
  • Fleet allocation
  • On-demand request management

What We Bring To Your Table

As a passionate transport software enterprise, we offer global logistics providers innovative technologies and unwavering innovation access.


Seamless and Infinite Integrations

Create an integrated business environment that allows your systems, applications, and assets to exchange data instantly, enhancing the quality and speed of your decision-making processes.


Interconnectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Attain unparalleled transparency in your operations by monitoring your fleet, infrastructure, and TMS platforms through the integration of 5G and IoT technologies.



Low data processing costs, gain immediate business insights, and guarantee uninterrupted operation of your business infrastructure.


Massive Data and Analytics

Develop an intelligent logistics system that leverages data-driven decisions, enhancing your forecasting accuracy and optimizing route planning.


Geo-Location Based Services

Geolocation enhances efficiency by enabling real-time tracking of assets and increasing visibility throughout the supply chain.


Integrated Logistics

We enable the transformation of the physical world into digital insights by outfitting your inventory, machinery, and acquired materials with intelligent sensors.

Our Services as IT Solutions for Logistic Technology We Deliver

Arobit stands as a well-handed partner in logistic software development, prioritizing top-tier quality, unparalleled security, and exemplary compliance standards.

Why is Arobit the ideal solution for your industry's requirements?

Insights Driven

Our services facilitate seamless data exchange among your inventory, freight, supply chain management, and customer service systems, aiming to achieve your overarching goals for enhanced visibility.

Inventory Transparency

Make sure your warehouse is organized at all times, remove the scope for human error, and predict delays during delivery.


By developing data-based software, you gain higher control over inventory levels, identify cost savings opportunities, and streamline processes.

Risk Management

Prevent shipping delays and logistics errors, ensure accuracy with your freight rates, and identify real-time disruptions.

Logistic Customers We Serve

Logistics Marketplaces

IT Product-Based Companies

Health Care Industry

Digital Logistics Service Providers

Automotive supply-chain Industry

Packaging & Courier Companies

Our Recent Case Studies For Healthcare

Discover our latest software solutions tailored specifically for our clients needs

Sales CRM for the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Comprehensive Solution

Arobit's software engineer team helped implement a revolutionized Sales CRM pharma wholesale by empowering 200+ reps to manage B2B orders efficiently through AI, enhancing revenue with tailored product suggestions and advanced analytics, setting a new standard in pharma sales and customer management.

Implementing a MIS System for Enhanced Pharma Insights, Forecasting, and Integrated E-commerce

Arobit re-engineered the MIS system of one of the top pharma companies, elevating Pharma insights and forecasting by seamlessly integrating E-commerce. It harnesses the power of AI to deliver informed decisions through data-driven recommendations and real-time analytics, streamlining the entire warehouse operation and improving inventory management.

Enhancing Private Clinic Operations with mini Hospital management system

Arobit supported a clinic in Melbourne with a Clinic Management System(CMS) that transformed operations at Melbourne clinic by automating processes, boosting patient care, and enhancing financial management, resulting in streamlined operations and improved healthcare outcomes.

Arobit helped build a US Pharmacy Operation with a Custom OTC Billing System

Arobit developed a custom OTC billing system for a US pharmacy, addressing operational challenges with an intuitive interface, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring data security. The solution improved pharmacy operations and inventory, boosting the supply chain efficiency.

Client Speak

Ayush Bagaria

Owner of Bagaria Food LLP

We have been working with Arobit since 2022 for a custom ERP Software for my flour mill. I wanted everything to be automated with the least manpower. Arobit understood the solution and they implemented everything.

So I am very grateful to Arobit for catering to my needs and developing the software as I required.

Purity Wanjiru

Director of People, Culture and Talent Management at Accurex

It has been a real pleasure working with Arobit. What I really like about Arobit is, they have a great attention to detail, they go out of their way to understand what our real problem is and also at the same time provide us with a solution for that matter.

Sanjay Guha

Founder and CEO of Acquist Asia

A proficient and driven young team excels in delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Meticulous in their work, they blend creativity with efficiency. Wishing them continued success and anticipating fruitful collaborations on multiple assignments with Acquist.

Sanjay Guha

Subhash Jha

Director of Legal Salah

Arobit truly stands out as an incredibly dynamic and client-focused web solution company. Their patient understanding of our vision and precise delivery in alignment with it have been invaluable. Sending the entire Arobit team my best wishes for continued success.

Subhash Jha


Q1. What are logistic software system?

-Transportation and logistics software encompasses a range of technologies designed to enhance supply chain management and operational efficiency for businesses. This software facilitates inventory tracking, shipping management, and the optimization of routes and delivery timetables. Essentially, logistics software serves as a potent asset, enabling companies to refine their task management processes and bolster their financial performance.

The specific software required hinges on the unique demands of your project. Generally, Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions, inventory tracking systems, and analytics software stand out as the most sought-after types in the logistics sector. Additionally, there is a frequent demand for the development of transportation management software, fleet tracking platforms, and asset management applications.

Utilizing custom logistics software offers numerous benefits, such as:

Enhanced Productivity- The logistics system is engineered to reduce delays and enhance efficiency, resulting in decreased costs and expedited delivery times.

Enhanced Collaboration-Transportation solutions streamline the movement of goods and materials across various locations, resulting in a more efficient allocation of resources and a decrease in waste.

Higher Flexibility- The logistics system is crafted for flexibility and adaptability, enabling businesses to swiftly adjust to fluctuations in demand and varying conditions.

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