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Implementation of ERP for Apparel Management by Arobit

Posted at - Apr 16,2024 at 01:22 pm

Arobit Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


The apparel industry faces numerous challenges, including disorganized inventory management, lack of supply chain visibility, inefficient order fulfillment, inaccurate sizing information, and environmental concerns. These issues significantly hinder operational efficiency and sustainability in the competitive market.




Arobit addressed these challenges by introducing a comprehensive ERP solution tailored to apparel management. This software covers every aspect of the business, from process and inventory management to supply chain and cost management. It offers process management for different flows, precise inventory management with SKU codes and warehouse space management, configurable bill of material management, explicit cost tracking, inch-perfect material requirement planning, supportive merchandise management, and intermingled supply chain management. Additionally, the software provides impeccable insights through data analytics and a centralized platform for better decision-making and communication.




The implementation of Arobit's ERP solution brought profound improvements to the apparel management sector. Companies experienced proficient process management with streamlined process flows and inventory management, enabling them to keep accurate stock levels and efficiently manage warehouse space. The configurable bill of material management allowed for precise cost tracking and raw material usage, leading to significant cost reductions. The software's material requirement planning and merchandise management capabilities ensured optimal manufacturing capacity and resource utilization. Supply chain management became more efficient, with real-time customer order tracking and improved inventory control. Finally, the ERP solution offered invaluable business insights, improving production strategies, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Arobit's ERP for Apparel Management has set a new standard in the industry, proving to be a pivotal tool for overcoming traditional challenges and driving success.


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