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Software development

We use the Time and Materials model for Agile development projects with changing scopes. The client only pays for the work done, based on agreed rates and our experts' efforts to achieve the desired result. Over 90% of our development projects are priced under this model.

Fixed-price model for Waterfall projects and isolated development tasks (e.g. proof-of-concept, feature development). We estimate the final cost in advance based on necessary efforts.

Pricing For Managed It Services


Fixed-price model. We estimate the fixed cost upfront for one-time consultations with a clearly defined scope. The model applies to activities like feasibility study, architecture design, tech stack selection, creating a risk mitigation plan for cloud migration, and app and infrastructure security advisory.

Time and Materials model. We use this model to price continuous consulting during Agile software projects where the development scope is subject to changes.

Pricing For Managed It Services

Digital transformation

Mixed model. Large-scale, long-term transformation projects usually involve versatile consulting and development services (app and infrastructure audit, redesign, cloud migration, building new software, etc.). We mix several pricing approaches depending on the situation to ensure optimal service pricing.

Pricing For Managed It Services

Managed IT services and support

We offer a subscription-based model for IT infrastructure, including data center and network management, cloud resource optimization, and managed security services. The monthly fee is calculated based on the number of infrastructure components, users, tickets, etc. Our managed security services include continuous security monitoring and notification.

In cases of high-scope uncertainty, such as infrastructure revamps and iterative software development, the Time and Materials model is recommended. The Fixed-price model is used to price app and infrastructure changes with a well-defined scope.

Pricing For Managed It Services

Help desk services

Subscription-based model. We charge a fixed monthly fee for resolving a pre-agreed number of tickets per month. This model gives our clients maximum cost control over their help desk budget.

Per-ticket model. We calculate the cost based on the number of tickets processed and resolved within a specific period. This model best fits companies with varying monthly ticket volumes.

It Help Desk Services

Quality assurance

We have three pricing models:

  • Fixed-price model: This model is used for quality assurance tasks with a fixed scope that can't be divided into smaller portions.
  • Time and Materials model: We charge based on actual efforts for continuous testing during software development or revamping.
  • Pay-per-hour model: The most flexible and efficient pricing model for your project. With this option, you can rest assured that you will only pay for the actual hours worked, providing you with a cost-effective solution that doesn't compromise on quality.
Quality Assurance Services

Security testing

We offer two pricing models for our security testing services. The first is the fixed-price model, where we charge a pre-agreed amount for one-time security checks for the IT environment, application security, asset security revision, and compliance pre-audit.

The second is the time and materials model, which is used to price complex security testing services like manual code review during the software development life cycle and iterative vulnerability-fixing activities.

Security Testing Services

Client Speak

Ayush Bagaria

Owner of Bagaria Food LLP

We have been working with Arobit since 2022 for a custom ERP Software for my flour mill. I wanted everything to be automated with the least manpower. Arobit understood the solution and they implemented everything.

So I am very grateful to Arobit for catering to my needs and developing the software as I required.

Purity Wanjiru

Director of People, Culture and Talent Management at Accurex

It has been a real pleasure working with Arobit. What I really like about Arobit is, they have a great attention to detail, they go out of their way to understand what our real problem is and also at the same time provide us with a solution for that matter.

Sanjay Guha

Founder and CEO of Acquist Asia

A proficient and driven young team excels in delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Meticulous in their work, they blend creativity with efficiency. Wishing them continued success and anticipating fruitful collaborations on multiple assignments with Acquist.

Sanjay Guha

Subhash Jha

Director of Legal Salah

Arobit truly stands out as an incredibly dynamic and client-focused web solution company. Their patient understanding of our vision and precise delivery in alignment with it have been invaluable. Sending the entire Arobit team my best wishes for continued success.

Subhash Jha