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Push Notification on iOS And Android Apps: Engaging Online Audience

Push Notification on iOS And Android Apps: Engaging Online Audience

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Generally, it is way too difficult to engage or re-engage eligible prospects with android or iOS apps. Based on this statement, you might think that can conversion barriers actually bring improvement with customer retention? Push Notification on iOS, Push Notification on iOS And Android Apps

Push Notification on iOS

Well, in such cases, push notification on iOS or on android become the fast and effective way of communication with the audience. These notifications help showing relevant information for the clientele you have within no time and of course in a very effective way. It can say that push notifications are way more effective compared to the subscribed newsletter. So, now, you can understand why push notification is way helpful in keeping your audience engaged. Hence, push notification on iOS and android is less intrusive than the other forms of user engagement as it helps user’s obtaining germane information, recent updates and offers as well. Due to all these reasons, it is important to focus on the best way to develop app for iOS and android devices. After knowing these, you might think about the features and advantages are there to gain from push notifications.

Features & Advantages of Push Notification on iOS and Android

Few users can find it preposterous to make use of push notification and some users are also there to feel nervous or maybe annoyed about it. But, there are people who completely approve of re-marketing and feel properly targeted. Here’s the list including some of the features to help inviting iOS or android app users. Let’s find them out.

  1. Push notification on iOS or push notification on android can use to send updates within no time.
  2. It helps stimulating users’ engagement while increasing opt-in rate by letting users getting access for one click subscription without facing any hassle.
  3. Helps increasing quick advertising to attract customers easily.
  4. Push notifications are simple, short, and can be simple to understand as these show rich image along with a short and crisp message. This is something most users want to click on.
  5. Using push notifications can be helpful intensifying conversion rate because these get conveyed to the users within a moment. And the users are only supposed to open the relevant pages by clicking on the given links through the push notifications.

Not only these above mentioned set of features, but there are some advantages that are also along the way. Let’s find more about the benefits push notifications have.

  1. Based on your users’ preferences, behaviors and choices, it is advisable to send one push notification every week to avoid them get annoyed and block you.
  2. You are able to suggest people with similar products if there is any product out of stock, local varieties branded products, offers or discounts on similar products, etc. You can share these through your notifications to add some value on it.

Well, according to some surveys, there is a certain boost on the android push notification or push notification on iOS trend. And the surveys say that the increase has become 88% by the providers and 65% from the users’ end.

Push Notification Statistics

Based on these statistics, few things have come under the focus. Here are some of the included.

  1. Targeting push notifications can help increasing customer response rates up to 300 percent and boost customer engagement by 88%.
  2. Up to 65% of users generally return to an app within 30 days after push notifications on android or push notification on iOS enable. Transferring push notifications help increasing app retention rates by 3 – 10x.
  3. More than 48% of mobile users make a purchase after receiving push notifications based on their activity, behavior, and preferences. And in general, an average click rate of push notification is 10.3%.
  4. In an average of 46% app users have opted for push notification on iOS and on android devices. And they have spent at least 11 sessions within a month compared with the 25% users. Those users do not have push notification in android or push notification on iOS enabled.
  5. Moreover, sending one on-boarding related push notification for new users within few days can increase retention by 71% within a two months’ time slot.

After this elaborated discussion on the push notification and why there’s a certain need nowadays for the best way to develop app for iOS and android, a question can naturally come to your mind. What about some examples of push notifications on iOS and android devices?

  • Urban Airship
  • Localities
  • Onesingle
  • Kumulos
  • Swrve
  • Streethawk
  • Catapush

Push notifications help improving the overall app retention, engagement, and also the user experience. One thing here needs to note and that these notifications can work as interruption, annoying, and hurtful if these implement in a wrong way. It is very much common that every single app comes in their individual way with unique user base. So, it is important to have those apps personalized in a way to cover the diverse needs audiences have.

How do push notifications work in android apps?

In few phone models, push notifications do not work the way it should be. Because the app only works when the user is active over the app and stops working when the user is not working on the app. This can be tricky and can reduce the customer retention by a certain percentage.In every android devices, there are three buttons that help opening, keep running and exiting the apps for the users. So, when user clear the RAM of phone, running apps close and push notification app can close to stay inactive.

Push Notification on iOS and Android

Apart from this activities, there’s another option that helps opening that app over again. But if the background service disable, then it will kill the app every time the user will switch apps between. Applications like Gmail and slack have auto launch enabled and for that, these apps do not face such problems. Based on the type of device and software of the android devices, the auto launch feature comes with various different names. Those are auto-start, start-up manager, app optimization, background app management, and auto-start manager. Using these options accordingly one can run this app on the background.

How do push notification on iOS work?

Just the way push notifications in android work, it also works in the same way for iOS as well. The difference is these push notification on iOS only use to transmit a short text message, play a text sound and set a badge on the app’s icon. So, you can understand how importance push notifications keep and why it is important to learn iOS app development, android app development or the best way to develop app for iOS and android. Because these are the best way to make push notification on iOS or android work. If everything is okay, then the retention percentage will also gradually increase effectively.

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