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Reasons Why a Good Homepage Design Matters – 5 Tricks for Homepage Design

Reasons Why a Good Homepage Design Matters – 5 Tricks for Homepage Design

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It is in saying that “the first impression is the last impression”. Well, we can say that undoubtedly this statement is true. When it comes to landing page design or homepage design, this statement stands strong as the domain owner only gets a single solitary scope to build the first impression.Tricks for Homepage Design


The time, readers find out any topic related to their search and they land on your website, the first impression gets built to make the readers turn into potential users.


The homepage design has to be appealing as this is the most important web page among all. It is because the users will land on this page for the first time in most of the cases.


Tricks for Homepage Design
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Tricks for Homepage Design


Therefore, if you do not know how to design a website, it is always appreciated to find out the proficient responsive website design company. This is the only way to let yourself free from being feeling miserable of not having a good homepage design.


Having a well-designed homepage helps you in customer retention. Hence, your poor homepage design can make you lose all the visitors without converting them as customers.


Still, the question remains, are those dissatisfied visitors ever coming back to your website? There is a 99% chance that they won’t.


Well, based on the research, 94% of the overall first user impression is connected with the design. It answers, why you need a good web design company to help you design the website?


However, we have brought you a set of reasons that will help you understand the importance of creating an immensely functional, intuitive, simple, and easily navigable website.


Let’s start with the reasons for having a good homepage design.


1. Branding


Who does not know that branding lifts a business to the zenith of success?


You will have to make the business’s branding stronger as it is quite similar to the wrapper of the product. It’s very simple that if the wrapper is dull, then the product will not have an effective first impression for the users at all.


The wrapper has to be shining with an attractive color combination to let the visitors end up buying them.


So, you can understand the inner meaning of this brief discussion. A well-organized homepage design can help you in successful customer retention.


Thus, you will have to come up with a homepage reflecting the expertise and efficiency you have with a clear indication and portrayal of the brand.


Offer and Value of the Site


The website’s curb appeal is provided by the homepage and also with a hint of the product inside. The homepage needs to convey the message to the users of what they are going to get after digging deep.


It is always better to put a statement straight for the users to understand the niche. Whatever the products or services you are into, you need to showcase them while giving visitors some valid reasons to visit them.


While you are offering some website designing or developing services, you can offer the service as “Do you need a website? Get it done from us!”.


This is the simplest way to make users understand the type of service you are offering.


Mostly Homepage is the Landing Page


Earlier, there was a fine line between the homepage and the landing page. With time, the line has been blurred as the homepage serves the same goal landing page does.


So, in order to make the homepage behave and act like a landing page, you need to make it like one.


Bring Ease for the Visitors


In order to bring ease to your visitors, there is no substitute for your website to do that. You have to design the page in accordance with your users’ convenience. This page is responsible to lead your users to further pages of the site.


It is immensely important to design the homepage perfectly to present the value to potential customers.


Apart from the reasons, here are the tricks that will help you in homepage design. Let’s find them out.


1. Strong and Clear Headline Is Crucial Always.


Headline always matters and most individuals will only feel attracted to your content if the headlines grab their attention. Nothing can beat the power of words as it evokes a sheer emotion among the visitors while building a connection between the writing techniques of the headlines. Strong words always leave a positive impact on the readers and make them click through.


2. Website Storyboard and Timeline


After landing on your page, users will want to know the service or products you are offering. Based on that, your preference should concern the best type of design conveying the right message to them.


Showing the expertise and experience you have in this field can be helpful for you. Representing a convenient storyboard of your business will give users some strong reasons to rely on your business.


3. Confusing Your Customers Is a Big No!


Conflicting CTAs are one of the most disturbing aspects that come on the way of a great website and the success of its chasing. That’s the main reason, you need to avoid this anyway and at any cost.


This is a common mistake committed by developers while developing any responsive website.


If you are not clear or not interested in knowing why it is important to make the responsive website design perfect, then you can click here for more important reasons explaining 6 Key Statistics That Show the Importance of Responsive Web Design.


4. Using Color Contrasting Is Also Important.


If you want to bring more eyeballs on your website, then you are supposed to use contrasting colors as there is no strong opposition to bring more attention to your website.


Various ways are available for you to create color contrast. Another trick of nurturing a great CTA is to use colors that cannot be found elsewhere on that particular website.


5. Do The CTA Buttons Should Be Large?


For every owner, it is obvious to expect their CTA to be displayed in the most viable way possible. Generally, the website’s CTA is the invitation for individuals to take the next step and this is also the element where you want your users to focus mostly on.


So, it has to be large enough and unique with a captivating font to drive attention more and more.


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