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Meet one of our TOP clients- KOSC

Meet one of our TOP clients- KOSC

Arobit Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

KOSC happens to be one of the premier manufacturing companies based in India that specialize in the supply and export of pipes, roofing, and scaffolding. They had an old fashioned website and did not have much exposure when it came to enhancing their online presence and reach.


They had already accomplished the enviable feat of working with several noteworthy clients like Tata Steel, PS Group and Merlin and being intricately involved in the complete construction process of well-known structures like The Birla Planetarium, Writer's Building, Kolkata Airport, Science City and many more.


Mr. Pankaj S Sharma, their leading director, a marketing and management professional has been associated with KOSC since April 2012. Mr. Sharma has also been a part of firms like Red Lion Films, UTTHANS Inc. and a member of AIESEC India, BNI India, Roundtable India. Although the intention and vision to branding were open with Mr. Sharma- however the pathway to digital sales acquisition, management of leads and inquiries, enhancing web presence and building customer acquisition strategies is where they needed a professional consultation.


Arobit, with its team of creative designers and web developers, worked intricately with KOSC  in order to build a sales-driven architecture. Showcasing products and projects, the legacy of the company, manufacturing processes and effective call to actions and their array of customers in the construction industry were given top priority with effective communication and seamless design. Today, KOSC has a modernized online presence with a smoothly designed website which bridges the gap between KOSC and their customers. Arobit is currently working on search engine optimization and social media optimization strategies to ensure constructors, builders, agents, dealers, and wholesalers are able to reach out to KOSC more easily. 


Today, KOSC remains one among the thousands of satisfied clients here at Arobit. If you own one such business in the manufacturing industry or such at which you wish to tweak your digital presence and step out from the regular subscription ways lead generation through third-party portals, then you may get in touch with us at [email protected].


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