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The landscape of Digital Marketing is ever evolving and the horizon is extending beyond ever since; with new technological innovations & integrations, many digital marketing strategies are getting obsolete, while some need a little improvisation. AI chatbots substituting the conventional ones...Machine Learning improvising suggestions and tapping into consumer's need like never before...Voice search rising to dominance...Marketing contents becoming more snacky and on-the-go...things are taking a turn for sure. But to have a better grasp and understand the changing scenario, we have analysed and listed a few trends that will dominate in 2019, to keep you updated and not compromise on your ROI. Stay tuned, as we, Team Arobit will be coming up with few more new and unique trends, as we come across some and analyze them.


You are driving your car back from office and you want to get a quick suggestion on yummy snackeries around, where you are halted in traffic. Your mobile is on GPS navigation..." what are the best eateries around my location" and it becomes One among the 50% of all the searches, that are going to be voice searches by the year 2020, as predicted by the digital marketing community. And this is where the need to optimize your web presence for VOICE SEARCH RESULTS comes in.

Now to rank on Google using voice search, you need to develop concise and relevant content that solves the customer’s problem.
There are several other factors which account for to improve upon the Digital Marketing strategies. You can use all of this or a mix of these tactics depending on your overall marketing strategy and your marketing budget. The factors include

1) The usage of conversational language- Audio queries are conversational in type and longer in length.

2) Development of queries into questions- If you are searching for a restaurant, you wouldn't say: "OK Google, restaurant," but something  more like: "OK Google, what restaurants around me are open serving dinner now?"

3) FAQ & Offering concise answers to a query- The next step is to include those questions and key-phrases throughout your website. Build a proper FAQ section and answer all of those questions you seem probable and relevant. Writing blog posts on those various topics and questions may also help. If you were optimizing for "restaurants serving food now," you could write content that says, "We serve lunch from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM and dinner from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM, except on Sunday." This would get indexed and allow rank up with voice search results.

Digital Marketing Trends

4) Providing complete information to Google My Business- Remember, if one asks a specific question, search engines shall give a list of the best sites that solve the problem. If one asks for a local service provider, search engines shall give results depending on relevance, distance and prominence. Hence you need to optimize your Google My Business page too. This way you can have a robust voice search optimization.

5) Understanding the customer’s intent- To optimize, first you must understand what your prospects are searching for.

6) Using long-tail keywords- As queries will be more in the form of natural questions, having a string of words, that we tend to ask in natural conversations, long-tail-keywords has to be on par with generic ones..!!

7) Ensuring that the website is mobile-friendly.

8) Fast and secure.

9) Focusing on local SEO schema and action queries.

NATIVE LANGUAGE SEARCHES - Optimize your site for local language searches...It is estimated that within some time cumulatively Tamil, Kannada & Hindi searches will outdo English in India. There are two local players already existing in the game of native language searches- (a Hindi search engine owned by Delhi-based Indicus NetLabs Pvt. Ltd) and (which is backed by a $7 million or nearly Rs29 crore investment from the Indian arm of Sequoia Capital, the Silicon Valley venture capital firm). Both the Indian companies claim they don’t see Google’s entry as a threat.


While influencer marketing is not new, the shift towards local influencers or 'micro'-influencers is.

Year 2017 was known as the year of Influencer Marketing...more and more brands started investing more & more on it...but the with the rising demand & engagement stats so did the remunerations skyrocket!
According to The Startup, an account with over a million followers can earn upwards of $50k for a single sponsored post (depending on its engagement).

Now, Why Local Influencers or 'Micro'-Influencers are on the rise?

While it's profitable to endorse your product or service with an influencer or celebrity, with their million plus social fans, it can be very short-lived and volatile. Try collaborating with local influencers and initiate long-term campaigns and promotion strategies.

Because they are personally invested in their crafts, micro influencers are trusted sources of recommendations for followers. For instance, in gaming niche this influencer marketing is a big thing. Similarly, in Entertainment and other parallel industries, things are taking a turn.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

The Startup published, Marketers have noticed that once an account is over a certain size, however, fewer people bother to engage. The ratio of likes and comments to followers peaks when an account has around 1,000 followers. Get more than 100,000 followers, and engagement starts to flatten out; users just aren’t as keen to interact with a celebrity as with someone they can relate to more closely.

*HelloSociety, which was acquired 2 years ago by the New York Times, has found that “micro”-influencers, or accounts with 30,000 or fewer followers, are more beneficial for marketers to work with.*

How to Make It Big?
If you really want to promote your brand through micro-influencers, a simple photo featuring your product in the background isn’t going to cut it. You can’t bet on people enjoying the post, noticing your product and researching your brand just from product placement photos. For the content to really reach and resonate with your target audience, the influencer needs to tell a story around the brand or product...said The Startup.

Make a list of the top influencers in your market-radius or relevant to your target audience. Research them on podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and other platforms before offering or endorsing. Follow the first, and learn about their niche, content goal, audience reach-interaction, fan base and their brands. Then, reach out with a casual email or message and strike starts a conversation.


At the top, Video is still and will, reign the empire of content marketing. The only thing surpassing is live videos. Live content is being fed more on the go or on a casual surf.
To create the right content, imagine What would you want to see from your company? Think of an interactive session, behind-the-scenes tours, product demos/releases, live Q&As, important announcement etc.

Keep in mind that video is the mother-hub, but these contents can be leveraged across multiple platforms and turned into other forms of content (audio, blogs, social media, infographics, white papers etc.).

Pick the platform you want to focus on - Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, Periscope, or even Right now, we are advising our clients to focus more on YouTube Live and Instagram, depending on your content, strategy & business. Keep your videos fun, engaging and create experiences along the way.

P.S.- Now there is Facebook Watch Party to schedule pre-recorded videos for live sessions!


If you want to improve the ranking of your website, then it is essential that you focus on the Google Mobile First Index.

Google adopted this strategy in the year 2016 after they discovered that most people are accessing the Internet through their smartphones.

To ensure that this vast majority of people get the best of experience, Google started giving pre-eminence to the mobile websites by redesigning its search engine algorithms and crawl bots for indexing purpose.

Therefore, any company that has a mobile website along with a desktop website will get better ranking. Moreover, as ranking leads to increased sales, it is essential that you should make your website optimized for mobile viewing.


‘Instantaneous’- One word which is revolutionizing Digital Marketing domain....and other technologies along!

Taken from Sorav Jain's website...

Year 2019 is about quick stackable content. Instagram stories, Facebook stories and, Whatsapp stories, is what people like to produce and consume the most today. 2019 is about how quick can you get your brand in telling stories, then and there and not wait for the right template and the right moment.

Brands will have to invest in a storyteller with great mobile level editing skills to constantly engage their audience instantly.

If there is one Social media channel which is soaring high in organic reach, it is Instagram. Year 2018 was about shifting businesses to Instagram. Businesses and individuals who shifted to Instagram where on the positive side of digital marketing.

Year 2019 it will be about Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, IGTV, Instagram Influencer Marketing, Instagram Content Marketing and Instagram Advertisements. If you haven’t taken this platform seriously, you MUST and start growing your followers here, as the number of followers is crucial for Brand Identity on this platform.

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