Activity Search Portal – Activities in India

Activity Search Portal – Activities in India

Development of a platform that enables searching of various activities across globe using geo-centric location tracking

Varied topography, climatic variation, and rich biodiversity altogether make India a dream destination for every thrill seeker and the only thing that is required is a daring attitude and a mindset. The hospitality sector is experiencing growth ever since and thus there’s a prominent increase in travel and adventure websites and channels due to its high demand in the market. Arobit Business Solutions Pvt Ltd was given the opportunity to work on a project for a client who’s in the hospitality sector and aided them in establishing a much needed significant digital presence.

As a result, one of the most important and in-demand business opportunity is Adventure-Tour and Travel. India is such a country which has something to provide to everyone irrespective of their work, culture, religion, and background. For wanderlusts, it’s no different. If you want a snow fight or skiing in the snow to desert safaris to water skiing and water surfing, India has all but one must have a well-versed knowledge regarding the best places to avail those adventurous activities. Here comes the importance of tour guides and traveling websites which provide the essential details like the best time to visit, expected budget, major sightseeing, activities to do and places to try out local cuisines, weather conditions and places to stay.


Hence a client approached to us with the requirement of developing a platform with an objective of providing all salient and valuable information for the users who are adventure enthusiasts. The travellers would be able to search destination and activities within a particular range as per their need and requirement. They also desired that their website should give functionalities like exploring cities, things and activities to do, sightseeing, within a particular range in a given city or while searching state-wise. The requirement of enlisting some basic information related to demographic and geographic features for each location was also given.


One should have a thorough knowledge about the destination he/she is visiting along with the necessary requirements like what one should carry and what shouldn’t to what to wear and what to expect – which is what Activities India tries to provide. Gone are the days when people needed to google or ask out to others who have already visited for experience and reviews. New websites and channels dealing with travel, tourism, and adventure are coming up in the market which gives filtered results as per the search and convenience of the user.


Once we did the required feasibility analysis we listed down the objectives along with the opinions and then aimed to meet their criteria and hence bring a feeling of contentment on the client’s part. Unlike any other travel and tourism website, it’s an Adventure-Search Portal meant for those who are into adventures and loves to explore and try out various activities like the campaign, water sports, safaris, trekking to name a few. It brings a great pleasure to voice that the project has been executed and the website developed successfully.


After landing on the webpage one can navigate through the sub-menu listed as “Home”, “Activities”, “Popular Locations” or can scroll down the page for “featured activities”, “explore your state” and latest “blogs”. There’s a search option on the home screen where the location of the user is shown through Geolocation by default which will also show activities available in the nearby places within the range of 200 km and one can search and explore places as well. Here the landing page is the home page and one can select activities from the “activity” tab where locations are shown with reference to that particular activity. One can also filter it state wise, budget wise, and duration wise as and when required. One can search or view activities through the “activities” tab or “popular locations” tab or “explore activities in your state” tab. Under the latter two one has to choose the city or state respectively in order to see what activities are available in that particular searched location and can filter using “activity”, “budget” and “duration” as well. One can check out blogs and get some ideas about places known for breath-taking beaches to famous temples to popular picnic spots and many more.


There is a “contact” tab where the user can fill up his basic details such as name, email and submit his inquiry related to a particular destination which is handled by the client.


The client can manage, regulate and control changes in the page as per his need and requirement, for example, he can add more activities under the ‘activity’ tab or list down other cities under the “popular locations” tab. The client has an easy access to the dashboard from where he can see the performance of his project/campaign and monitor accordingly.

One can always keep up with the latest blogs and information by subscribing to the newsletter and can also follow up on social platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for the latest activities shared. Users can have satisfactory search results by visiting this site and can refer to those adventure-seeking enthusiasts.


Coming onto the client’s part, we tried to put an extra effort and go a step further while developing their site. We tried to bring some extra features which will amplify the site and bring a sense of “use and feel” while browsing. From content to graphics and animations all were created and curated by the in-house team keeping in mind about client’s objectives and opinions. The best in-house team were assigned the responsibility of creating, developing and optimizing the website for our client and the success of the project is evident.

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